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Common Home Selling Problems that Delay Your Sale

Overpricing is the number one home selling mistake most sellers make. Just look at it this way, if everyone around you is selling their homes and your home is still sitting there, then there is probably a problem. This is only one reason you might not have offers coming in for your home.

Price Your House at its Market Value

Just take a look at this scenario. Say you have a true valued home at about $300,000. A lot of things in and around this house are nice and contribute to the price. Then look at another home in the same market that is about $250,000. Basically, this says it has much less to offer and just can't compete with the nicer home.

A lot of sellers like to overprice their homes thinking it gives them more negotiating cushion, but really it just eliminates many potential buyers, who come away saying it's just too expensive.

What matters the most is what your property is really worth, not what you want it to be worth.

Four Simple Reasons Homes Don't Sell

1. A Horrible Photo in the MLS

You always want to have a good photo of your home posted at all times. I couldn't tell you how many buyers just say "no" to a home because the photo was poor. Sometimes these photos aren't easy to get. A lot of times the sun might not be in the right position, or the agent may just be inadequate at taking photos.

Rule number one, is to make sure the photo of your home is represented well in all of the photographs.

2. It's Hard to Sell a Dirty House

Home buyers always want to see a clean, tidy house. Sellers who know that people are coming to look at their home and don't clean up are telling the buyers their home needs to be fixed up. When buyers see a dirty home, they think that it needs repairs and they don't want to buy. 

Always keep your house clean when buyers are coming to look at the home.

3. Curb Appeal is the Pits

Imagine if buyers were to drive by your home to take a look and all they see is trash outside, a lawn that hasn't been cut, and a faded paint job. This gives a bad impression to the buyers and basically negates a sell.

If the outside of your home isn't kept up, buyers won't make it a point to look on the inside. You should always keep the outside looking as good as the inside.

4. Outdated, Worn Out Components

How can you make improvements? You should always take a look at your home from the buyer's point of view. Make it more appealing to the buyer if possible. There is always room to make home improvements to your home. If you have to, get advice from an agent, or even a neighbor on what can be done to make the house more appealing to the buyer.

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