Upper Makefield Township

Upper Makefield Township is located in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, and is situated 34 miles to the north of Philadelphia and 70 miles to the southwest of New York City. According to the most recent census, the township’s population was just over 8,000 inhabitants. In all, Upper Makefield Township consists of 21.5 square miles, 20.9 square miles of which is land and 0.6 square miles is water.

The township offers palatial multi ­million dollar homes, excellent public schools, in addition to an easy commute to Philadelphia, New York City and Princeton, all of which has helped to rank it on Philly Magazine’s Best Places to Live list within the suburbs.


From the 2010 census it was established that the township’s population was made up of 93% Non­Hispanic White, 2.5% Asian, 2.3% had Latino or Hispanic ancestry, 1.1% African American or Black, 1.0% were of mixed race, and 0.2% were Native American.

From the 2000 census, the median household income in Upper Makefield Township was $102,759, while the median family income was $114,064. Per capita, the income was $56,288, though 2.1% of the populace was below the national poverty line.

The census said that 26.7% of the population was under the age of 18; 5.1% were between 18 and 24; and 23.3% of the township’s populace was 25 to 44. Those who were aged between 45 and 64 made up 34.7% of the population, and 10.2% were 65 years or older. The township’s median age was 42 years.

Upper Makefield Township Taxes

The residents of Upper Makefield Township are required to pay four different taxes: ­earned income, real estate, occupation/ per capita and real estate transfer.

Taxes on Earned Income

Almost all earned income (with a few exceptions such as active military personnel, disability and sick pay recipients, unemployment compensation recipients, and those on a pension) which includes wages and net profits, is taxed at 1% upon Upper Makefield Township residents as well as those who are employed within the township.

Taxes on Real Estate

Real estate owners within the township are required to pay taxes on their real estate possessions.

Taxes on Real Estate Transfer

Any buying or selling of real estate within the township is taxed at 1% at the time of settlement.

Education in Upper Makefield Township

There is one school located in Upper Makefield Township – Sol Feinstone Elementary School, for grades K – 6.

Cost of Living and Crime

The overall cost of living in Upper Makefield Township is 2.5% lower than that of the national average and the average cost of housing is substantially lower. Crime rates, both in terms of violent crime and property crime, are also significantly lower than the national averages.


Upper Makefield Township experiences an average high temperature of 87 degrees in July while in January the average temperature falls to 22 degrees. Annual rainfall averages at 46 inches while the township enjoys an average of 205 days of sunshine year­ 'round.